Street entrance of House of Spices

House of Spices sitting area 

Stair landing



Thee is a charming roof-top restaurant and bar serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine, on the third floor.
Taste the freshly home-made pasta served with seafood, enjoy a pizza.

house interior

Restaurant   Tapas Bar   waiter

Wine bar   Wine bar

Or simply spend your evening at the bar with tapas and chilled wine.

spice grinder  coffee tray

ground floor shop  ground floor shop

ground floor shop  ground floor shop

The ground floor duka sells spices and gifts and serves tea and coffee.

There is a delightful Tea Room also on the ground floor at the back of the house. Free WiFi is available in the Tea Room.

Located in the Kiponda area of stone Town, it is easily accessible from the fish market or the House of Wonders.

Chilli Suite double room 

There are four attractive rooms that can be rented either individually or as an apartment for friends and family travelling together.


The House of Spices was one of the most notable houses of Zanzibar Stone Town, belonging to an old family of Spice Traders. Spices from the Islands of Pemba and Zanzibar were collected here, spreading their fragrant aroma over the house and the surrounding narrows streets of Stone Town. Once in the house they were selected, ground and packed before being exported to Europe and to the Americas.

stairs  courtyard

House of Spices guest bathrooms

The house has been kept in good order and any restorations have followed the original plans over the many years of its history. Even though over 200 years have been passed since it was built, The House of Spices carries fully intact, the romance and atmosphere of an old Arab House.

Please note the Restaurant is closed on Sundays. For in-house guests, basic services are provided.
Free WiFi is available in the Tea Room.

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